About us



AiraTeck is a Dallas, TX based small business providing IT & Non IT human capital consulting, operational support services and outsourcing services for the exceptional business solutions. AiraTeck offers a range of consulting services, which are designed to help companies or an individual reach, their potential. Whether looking for an IT consultant or IT Services, AiraTeck provides business solutions that are efficient and effective. Team at AiraTeck try to understand issues involving capacity and resource planning, which eventually helps us understand the client needs better and develop a unique approach in providing to both potential employers as well as job seekers. We partner with our clients and build a long-term relationship by developing the right understanding of there needs and providing needful services. AiraTeck is a place where businesses can rely on outstanding consulting and resourcing services, and where consultants can rely on skills and career growth.

Our team

What we believe

At Airatek, we believe that our clients ought to get results and not just reports—from their consultants. We bring a new point of view and irresistible vitality to each customer relationship. In order to do just that we have put together a uniquely collaborative culture that is full of passionate people. Our emphasis on cooperation, trust and capacity to bear veering conclusions assists customers with concentrating on their opportunities, construct their abilities and win what's to come. Together, we accomplish results that connect what is with what can be.

What we do

Expanding throughout the entire IT spectrum, AiraTeck helps companies develop and maintain secure, highly-effective, and reliable information systems that both supports the business as well as their clients.    By providing tactical planning, effective strategic implementation and a suitable workforce, AiraTeck provides valuable, time-saving solutions to industry-specific challenges – creating opportunities for growth, maximizing efficiency, and increasing profit margins.

Our People

We seek out individuals and clients who challenge themselves to be outstanding—and champion. As a result we became a diverse organization of thinkers and problem-solvers. We are a group who have come together to tackle some of the most important and difficult challenges confronting the world’s biggest organizations. At AiraTeck, we stand and work together regardless of your gender, your beliefs, your preferences, your skin color, or your race.

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